Sunday, April 19, 2009

I REMEMBER- Decomposition is Age 40

...about fifteen years ago, Lise and I were newly married and she was still getting adjusted to an instant family when she inherited my three sons (wow, what a great name for a TV show...must work on that) along with me. I was about 46 and Lise was 36.

My mom [a school teacher for most of her life] was a big fan of "educational toys". She had supplied some great tools to read to the kids. At bedtime for the boys [about ages 10 -Ian, 8-Nick, 6-Dustin], we would pull out books, etc. for reading calm down time.

This particular night, the boys were all tucked in (very cool set-up I made - a stacking bunk bed for the older boys with a roll-out bed for Dustin that fit under the bottom bunk during the day) and we were picking out the reading story for that evening. We chose a science game. It was a series of questions appropriate for their ages.

The question and answer that stopped the game and brought down the house was this:

"At what point in the life cycle of living things does decomposition begin"? While Ian and Dustin mulled it over, Nick (8) waved his hand wildly in the air.

" Ok, Nick, when does decomposition begin?"

"I know, I know! At age 40!!!!!!!"

I never felt so old....Hell, I was six years into wonder. I, however, can now attest (15 years post event) and share with the world that there is indeed Life after Decomposition!

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