Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I REMEMBER...my first motorcycle

...my first MOTORCYCLE I bought...I had paid my parents $500 for one of the family cars when I went off to Chico State College in 1965. About 1967 I had a falling out with my step-dad over my off-campus living arrangements and his ultimatum was to change my lifestyle or the college money would be cut off. It is hard for a 19 year old to change his new found freedom and cool lifestyle...so I opted for the latter and immediately entered the full-time job market (and continued going to school full time). Housing was pretty cheap in those days, but minimum wage was $1.40/hr., so it was a struggle. The family car I referred to earlier was a 1965 Rambler American and not as cool as the image I wanted for myself. A few paychecks later and a trade-in garnered me my cool YAMAHA 125 cc motorcycle and a small(understatement)house in an alley in Chico. Went on to own many bikes including a 350cc Honda off-road bike and my beloved BSA 441 [chocolate and chrome- tear drop tank, butterfly handlebars, extended front forks...just like easy-rider. It weighed more than I did and I had a devil of a time keeping it upright when I came to a stop..ha].