Thursday, April 16, 2009

I REMEMBER - Hampster in the Pants

…I thought I had experienced just about everything, but got to add a new one to my cadre of stories recently. After telling Sarah to be careful about playing with her miniature hamster outside the cage, because it might get loose in the house (unwanted advice administered many times), the inevitable happened. Lillian (the Dwarf Hamster) made The Big Escape in Sarah's bedroom. Her room is like every child's room--far too much stuff for a dwarf hamster to hide in, behind, under, etc.

We had Mom, Dad, Sarah and her friend Heather all scrambling around with baskets, cupped hands, buckets, etc., trying to dig her out from behind stuff and catch her. We moved the bed, stacked toys, etc.

The poor little hamster was totally freaked out, scurrying around, past all these yelling, jumping, grabbing people. Finally, the hamster ran right at me and past me into the corner. Sarah jumped behind me to grab Lillian, and that is when the hamster decided to run up and hide in my pant leg. I stood up and grabbed the cuffs of my pants tight around my ankles. We finally had her captured--INSIDE MY PANTS! Now what to do? While I duck-walked to the bathroom with my hands holding the cuffs tight to my ankles, Lillian decided to explore her new environment by going up and down my legs and back and forth in my crotch and across my bottom. Lise and the girls were laughing hysterically, as if that would somehow magically help the situation! I managed, amidst the laughter and rodent antics, to hobble into the bathroom and hop into the tub. I was able to stand up and "encourage" the hamster to leave my pants and run down into the tub.

I can now recommend a unique and surefire way to capture loose hamsters in the house.

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