Sunday, March 29, 2009

I REMEMBER...Tongue in the Coke Bottle

....when I was about five years old living in McCallister, Oklahoma. It was a hot summer day and my Dad took me with him up to the gas station to put gas in the car before a family trip.

The mechanics were buddies of his, and they always kept cold beer in the back of the coke machine which you needed a key to open up the front door of the machine. My Dad got me a Coke [the old fashioned kind in a thick glass bottle] and I sat in the back seat of the car sipping away. I somehow discovered the power and wonder of suction and vacuum. I had curled my tongue up and stuck it into the opening of the coke bottle and sucked the oxygen out of the bottle, thereby causing the vacuum to suck my tongue down into the bottle in an extremely painful way. I struggled with it for awhile thinking my tongue was going to be pulled out and the harder I struggled, the worse it got. Finally, I burst out of the car and ran into the repair bay where my Dad was sitting around, drinking beer with the mechanics. I couldn't talk...but with me crying and mumbling "uuummmmmmmggghhhhhh" with a Coke bottle stuck to my face, they quickly figured it out. They didn't come to my rescue right away, instead they fell out laughing and calling everyone to "come see the kid with his tongue stuck in the Coke bottle".

They couldn't pull it off - again due to the magic of the vacuum I had created. Finally, they had me lie down on the asphalt and covered my face with some old shop rags and banged on the Coke bottle with a big heavy wrench until it broke and released my tongue. I also think it must have been pretty damn funny now, but I didn't think so then.

For nostalgia - it was a Dr. Pepper, my favorite next to Chocolate Cokes, and it cost a dime. I never went with my Dad to the gas station again.

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